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  • Katharine Bridges

Capturing the Magic: Photographing Local Louisiana High Schoolers' Homecoming Memories

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

As a photographer, there's something special about capturing moments that will last a lifetime. And that's exactly what I had the opportunity to do when I was asked to take pictures for two groups of local high school students before their homecoming dances.

The first group I worked with was from Rosepine High School. As soon as I arrived, I could feel the excitement in the air. The students were all dressed up in their finest attire, and the girls had their hair and makeup done to perfection. They had chosen beautiful downtown Deridder, LA as the backdrop for their photos, and the natural light was just perfect.

I spent some time getting to know each of the students and taking individual and group shots. They were all so happy and full of energy, and it was a joy to capture that on camera. As we wrapped up the shoot, I could tell that they were all eager to get to the dance and show off their outfits.

Next up was the group from Singer High School. They had chosen a different location, an older homestead area in Rosepine, La surrounded by gorgeous woods and a line of live oaks. The setting was a perfect contrast to the city setting I had worked with earlier.

The students from Singer High School were just as excited as the ones from Rosepine. They were all smiles as they posed for photos, and they even came up with some creative ideas for poses and group shots. It was clear that they were all having a great time together, and I was honored to be able to capture that on camera.

As I wrapped up the second shoot, I felt a sense of satisfaction and gratitude. Being able to document such an important moment in these students' lives was truly a privilege. They will be able to look back on these photos for years to come and remember the excitement and joy of their homecoming dances.

Taking pictures for these two local groups of high school students before their homecoming dances was a truly rewarding experience. It was a pleasure to be able to capture their excitement and joy on camera, and I hope that these photos will serve as a lasting reminder of their special night.


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