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  • Katharine Bridges

Blog Throwback - Our First Beach Mommy & Me Sessions

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

You have to start your photo journey somewhere right? Over the 11 years I have been taking pictures, I have had so many different ways of displaying my photographs, and I happen to stumble upon the first ever photo sharing site I ever used!

Whats great about this is that not only can I now share my photo journey over the years and how I have grown, but I am able to recover many of the images I have lost due to malfunctions in computers and hard drives! So for your viewing pleasure:

Katharine's FIRST EVER MOMMY & ME BEACH SESSIONS! - Falmouth, Massachusetts Beach!

(Disclaimer: These pictures are extremely low resolution due to them being stored on a website I don't have full access to yet lol)

To see the full albums click here!


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